Bay Area Counties Relax Restrictions on Construction, Outdoor Businesses, Child Care and Real Estate

May 1, 2020Alerts

California's Bay Area counties (Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, San Francisco, San Mateo, and Santa Clara) have updated and extended their Shelter-in-Place Health Orders through May 31, 2020, loosening restrictions on construction, certain outdoor businesses, child care and real estate activities.

Under the updated Orders, all construction projects can resume with Construction Project Safety Protocols that include specific requirements for small or large projects, outdoor businesses may reopen with Social Distancing Protocol, and both residential and commercial real estate transactions may resume with restrictions. The updated orders replace the prior orders and are effective through May 31, 2020.

San Francisco's FAQS webpage provides the following summary of modifications and clarifications that apply to these counties:

Businesses that may resume or reopen

  • All construction projects may resume with Construction Safety Protocols. (Note: construction activities must comply with the Construction Project Safety Protocols for small or large projects instead of Social Distancing Protocol.)
  • Outdoor businesses, those that normally operate primarily outdoors prior to the Orders such as nurseries, landscapers, arborists and agricultural operations (not outdoor restaurants, cafes, or bars) may reopen with Social Distancing Protocol.
  • Real estate agents, escrow agents and other service providers that facilitate real estate transactions may resume, but all appointments and viewings must happen virtually. 
    • For residential properties where virtual viewing is impossible, in-person showings can occur by appointment with no more than two visitors at a time from the same household, and only one agent.
    • For commercial properties, limit the number of persons to the minimum possible.
  • Child care and other educational and recreational programs can operate to provide care and supervision for children to allow all persons working in essential businesses or outdoor businesses or performing minimum basic operations to access childcare.

Modified Social Distancing Protocol

  • All businesses allowed to operate under this Order must prepare or update, post, implement and distribute to their personnel a Social Distancing Protocol for each of their facilities. (See Section 16.h of the Order.) 
  • All businesses must now ensure that personnel and customers wear face coverings when entering their facilities. 
  • All existing Social Distancing Protocols must be updated to reflect the new requirements.
  • All businesses must also follow any industry-specific guidance issued by the health officers, CalOSHA or other agencies.

Closed businesses should plan to modify their operations to implement social distancing and industry related safety guidelines in preparation for when they are allowed to reopen.

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