Pennsylvania Clarifies That Contractors Working for Utilities Can Continue Operating

April 6, 2020Alerts

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf’s Deputy Secretary of Legislative Affairs Cindy Cashman late Sunday, April 5, 2020 provided relief to utility companies across the Commonwealth.

Specifically, she stated “it is clear that utilities is a permitted activity. If the utility company contracts out some or all of the work, because the contractor is working for a utility company and utilities are life-sustaining, then the contractor would be permitted to do utility work on behalf of the company. There is no limitation on where the utility work occurs.“ The relief provided demonstrates a recognition of not only the essential nature of the construction but also the fact that contractors employ best practices when it comes to employees' safety. Given the language of her writing, it is reasonable to conclude that subcontractors and suppliers to such projects can proceed immediately with construction on April 6, 2020.

Certainly the same rationale can apply to many other areas of construction not currently permitted. We think the governor and his team for this decision.