COVID-19 Leaves of Absence: How-To Guides for Large and Small Employers in NJ

July 9, 2020Alerts

NJ Leave COVID-19

Employee leave requests related to the outbreak of COVID-19 raise a complicated array of questions for New Jersey employers that are continuing, expanding or restarting operations during the pandemic.

Some employment laws vary depending on a company's size as measured by the number of employees. These flowcharts – one for employers with fewer than 500 employees and one for those with 500 or more – apply to leave requests through the end of 2020. They are designed to help businesses navigate the web of intersecting city, state and federal leave laws and regulations such as the Families First Coronavirus Response Act, the New Jersey Family Leave Act and the New Jersey Earned Sick Leave Law.

Employees may request leave for a wide variety of reasons associated with the outbreak, including a lack of child care related to mandatory closings, misgivings about returning to work, the need to care for a sick or quarantined family member, to seek medical care or testing related to their own symptoms or because they need to quarantine at the direction of a health care provider.

Our flowcharts are a helpful, at-a-glance resource for determining the employer's leave obligations in these and other situations.

Download Chart for Employers With Fewer Than 500 Employees

Download Chart for Employers With 500 or More Employees