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First Quarter 2011Newsletters

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  • New Trend: Lawsuits for Wage Order Violations Concerning Work Conditions - View Article
  • Another California Appellate Court Concludes That Employers Need Not “Ensure” Employees Take Meal Breaks - View Article
  • Reminder for Computer Software Employers - View Article
  • Generous Employers Beware: Coordination of Disability Payments Just Got More Complicated - View Article
  • Spotlight on San Francisco - View Article
  • Meal and Rest Break Litigation Gets More Expensive - View Article
  • Litigation Alert: Federal Rules on Experts Change - View Article
  • New Employment Laws for 2011 - View Article
  • Spotlight on the New Medical Donor Leave Law - View Article
  • 2011 Litigation Watch: Cases Pending in the California Supreme Court - View Article