Wage and Hour

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Workin’ at the Carwash Blues

The California Labor Commissioner is cracking down on car wash operators for wage and hour violations and failure to provide workers’ compensation insurance. During a week-long sweep, 40 investigators inspected car washes in 25 counties. The Labor Commissioner issued 140 citations against more than 100 businesses and levied fines of almost $1 million.

Liability for Subcontractors

California businesses need to remember that they can be liable for the wage and hour violations of janitorial and security guard subcontractors. Labor Code § 2810 creates such liability where the business “knows or should know” that an arrangement with a janitorial or security guard contractor “does not include funds sufficient to allow the contractor to comply with all applicable…laws or regulations governing the labor involved.” There is a safe harbor, rebuttable presumption where a written agreement with the contractor has detailed assurances of compliance. Contracts with janitorial and security firms should be reviewed to assure compliance with § 2810.