In-Person Training

Meet Our Southern California Team of Skilled Attorney Trainers

California Makes Sexual Harassment Prevention Training Mandatory.
We Make It More Effective.

More than ever before, the topic of sexual harassment is dominating the news.

It's time to make sure that your company's sexual harassment prevention training is up to the task.

California law mandates at least two hours of sexual harassment prevention training for supervisory employees in all businesses with five or more employees. Training must be done within six months of hire or promotion, and every two calendar years. By January 1, 2020, those employers must also provide one hour of such training to nonsupervisory employees.

In-Person Training is More Interactive, Topical and Enjoyable.

On-site training in a group setting with an interactive approach is the ideal method for achieving the goal of a harassment-free workplace.

In-person training can be tailored to your industry and the unique challenges faced by the particular worksite. The examples and stories we use in our training modules will resonate with your staff.

Engaging and interactive sessions are not only more fun, they're also more memorable and therefore make a lasting impression on your staff.

Skilled attorneys are essential to effective training for managerial staff. We can answer questions accurately and back up our information with real-world examples from the cases we have handled.

Fox Rothschild's Los Angeles office has a dynamic and talented team of attorneys ready to conduct your training.

Take a break from the online routine, and make sure that your next sexual harassment prevention training is a “wow,” not just a check-the-box compliance item.