Warring Divorce Lawyers

April 2, 2008 – In The News

David Rasner was quoted in the Divorce360 article “Warring Divorce Lawyers.” While the full text can be found in the April 2, 2008 issue of Divorce360, a synopsis is noted below.

This article discusses the issue of divorcing couples having attorneys who dislike each other and the misconception that a combative lawyer will represent a client well.

“What usually happens is the reverse,” says Rasner. “And it is the lawyers who make it so. If the lawyers are contentious between themselves, that contentiousness bleeds into the case. Because if the lawyers don’t like or trust each other, things cannot be done on a handshake, on a calm basis, to move the case forward.”

Divorce can already be difficult, but adding another stressful element will only further complicate and possibly lengthen the process.

“When you take the lawyers out of the equation, you can focus on the client. But some lawyers don’t want to be taken out. In fact, part of the problem is that the lawyers take on the persona of the client they are representing,” says Rasner. “In general, lawyers reflect who their clients are. If the lawyer is a maniac or someone who is litigious, it’s reflective of the client. If someone goes to a lawyer who is knowledgeable and a clean fighter, that tells me that the person wants to preserve the relationship with their ex-spouse and not make it more painful. Lawyers are chosen by how clients want to proceed. Clients may not know that but he or she picks a lawyer that fills his or her standards.”