Is a Bring-Your-Own-Device Program Right for You?

August 1, 2014Articles Staffing Industry Review

An increasing number of companies are adopting bring-your-own-device (BYOD) programs, which require or allow employees to use their personal electronic devices to connect to their employer’s computer network for work reasons. Companies adopting BYOD programs believe these programs increase productivity and lower operational costs by not having to invest in equipment for staff. However, these present both operational and legal challenges to employers.

The IT challenge

BYOD programs enable employees to use various types and brands of devices, which can pose serious issues for a company’s IT department such as inability to run company-required software, configuration issues, incompatible software, etc. Further, employee-owned devices open the company’s network to the possibility of intrusion from outsiders including hacking and malware. Policies that in the past were able to be enforced when the employer provided the device, like password protection, auto lock and non-sharing of devices are more difficult, if not impossible to enforce in a BYOD environment.

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