Digital Media & Influencers

The rapid expansion of digital media continues to create new opportunities, and challenges, for influencers, artists, athletes, investors and entertainment companies. For every new revenue stream or audience engagement opportunity, there is a new intellectual property risk to be mitigated.

Social media influencers are growing in prominence, facing evolving legal risks and expanding opportunities. We help influencers convert their carefully curated content, personal brands and throngs of devoted followers into revenue via sponsorships, recording contracts, distribution deals and film and TV crossover agreements, while avoiding costly legal pitfalls and litigation. 

We’re not new to this arena. Fox has been helping clients navigate the risks and capitalize on the possibilities of this ever-changing sector for years.

We work with clients to develop strategies to exploit social, interactive and mobile platforms to address niches and maximize their brands. Our attorneys are also adept at capitalizing on the opportunities created by traditional media’s pivot to digital. We work hand-in-hand with both individual celebrity clients and corporate entities to help them target, reach and engage their audiences via:

  • Social media (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat…)
  • Interactive (video games, podcasts, websites, blogs…)
  • Streaming (You Tube, Hulu, Netflix…)
  • Mobile (games, apps, augmented and virtual reality…)
  • Traditional media (print, radio, television and film)
  • Brand endorsements

Whether the intent is to deliver a message of pure entertainment or simply to use entertainment as a medium to deliver a larger message, Fox attorneys are helping clients to maximize the opportunities presented by all available outlets.