West Chester Area Contract Talks Take a Sour Turn

October 15, 2013 – In The News
Daily Local News

Jeffrey Sultanik was quoted in the Daily Local News article, "West Chester Area Contract Talks Take a Sour Turn." While the full text can be found in the October 15, 2013, issue of Daily Local News, a synopsis is noted below.

With contract negotiations stalled, relations between the West Chester Area School Board and the teacher’s union are deteriorating.

Lead negotiator for the board Jeffrey Sultanik has asked union leaders to consider removing a member of the negotiating team after comments made by the member were published in a recent article in ThePhiladelphia Inquirer.

Sultanik called the member’s statements inappropriate and stated it was irresponsible of the member to characterize the board’s position as “hurtful to kids.”

“The union has the right to reject and right to not agree and try to negotiate something different, but don’t say that the board’s positions are hurtful to kids,” Sultanik said.

Sultanik maintains there is confusion among the union and its leadership, saying, “I think they have a group of disaffected union members who are trying to engage in revisionist history.”