Insurance Matters

Insurance Coverage Counseling Matters

Elle has conducted insurance coverage analyses identifying underinsured risks and gaps and recommending forms of coverage for both national and international business clients in a wide range of industries including:

  • a global transportation and supply company;
  • a home furnishing manufacturer and retailer;
  • a regional airport and aviation business;
  • a technology consulting company; and
  • a housing partnership.

Elle has also represented:

  • A national childcare franchise system in conducting a comprehensive insurance coverage audit for franchise system and franchisees as well as continuous advising regarding cyber coverage issues and related insurance matters.
  • A national food service wholesaler and distributor in providing a comprehensive analysis of proposed cyber/data security insurance policy including gaps and potential underinsured or uninsured risks and responses.
  • A regional supermarket chain in completing a coverage analysis including review and comparison of past and proposed new policies, client loss history and business historical performance to make recommendations for reducing premium costs.
  • A major metropolitan city in evaluating whether policies maintained by bankrupt property owners may provide coverage for claims asserted by the city against the insured property owner.
  • A national labor union with over 100,000 members in analyzing whether language in union insurance policies provide coverage for certain HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) claims.
  • A California-based manufacturing company in determining potential coverage for substantial environmental clean-up claims under existing policies.

Insurance Regulatory Matters

Elle has also represented:

  • A UAE-based insurance carrier in the creation, organization and state licensing of its United States based insurance broker agency.
  • A large Texas dental care provider on insurance matters related to customer discount plans and the drafting of discount plan and agreements with sales representatives.
  • Business clients on whether certain business practices may constitute the unauthorized practice of insurance.
  • Numerous clients in responding to alleged violations of state insurance laws and audits by state insurance commissioners and agencies.
  • A client on the formation, structuring and licensing of a risk-purchasing group.
  • A client in the formation and licensing of both onshore and offshore insurance captives.

Corporate Insurance Matters

Elle has also represented:

  • An international claims adjustment company on the negotiation of several acquisitions of competitor insurance broker businesses.
  • An established New Jersey based insurance agency in a $4 million cash and earn-out asset purchase.
  • A major film studio in analyzing its insurance coverage construct arguments for responding to insurance carrier’s denial of losses resulting from actor’s on-set injury.
  • A medical practice in reviewing and analyzing its insurance coverage issues on behalf of the Board of Directors related to a claim by owner physician against the practice.
  • A major insurance underwriter in negotiating Network Carrier Agreements.
  • Numerous insurance agency and brokerage clients in the drafting and negotiating of insurance agency appointment agreements.
  • A major insurance carrier in drafting of reservation of rights letters and responding to insured’s appeal to denial of claims.