How To Raise Your First Million Dollars – An Insider’s Look at 10 of the Leading Angel Investor Groups in America

October 1, 2006 – In The News

How To Raise Your First Million Dollars will teach you how meet private Angel Investors. 10 of the most active Angel Groups in America were interviewed for this book.

Elizabeth Sigety discusses the Delaware Crossing Investor Group, which was started by a group of Fox Rothschild attorneys -- including Loren Danzis and Jeffrey Nicholas -- from the firm’s Bucks County office. The investment group is fairly new but growing rapidly to assist companies in need of legal services and funding. Sigety made clear the group works as an “angel network” and explained, “We are not lawyers to the group; we are angels. That’s very important.” Sigety commented on the group’s diverse membership, which creates a rich knowledge base. “For example, if a cancer company came in, I don’t know anything about that medical area, but then the doctor/the oncologist on the other side of the table does.”

Sigety anticipates that as the group’s membership increases, so will the amount of investment. “We’re learning the methodology of circling the investments so that we don’t give the company an incorrect impression of how much we’re going to invest. We want to be as straightforward, honest and helpful to the companies as we can. That’s part of our mission.”