Property Owner Services

Pre-condemnation Planning

  • Analysis of potential damages
  • Title issues
  • Zoning/land planning issues
  • Tax planning

Preventive Measures

  • Conservation easements
  • Agricultural preservation laws
  • Governmental relations

Challenges to Condemnations

  • Public purpose
  • Blight determinations
  • Procedural challenges

Determination of Just Compensation

  • Obtaining effective appraisals
  • Experience with complex valuations
  • Knowledge of valuation theories
  • Knowledge of appraisal methodology
  • Knowledge of statutory requirements
  • Knowledge of appraisal industry standards (USPAP, etc.)
  • Highest and best use analyses
  • Impact of environmental issues
  • Supporting appraisers with other experts

Network of Experts

  • Real estate appraisers
  • Machinery and equipment appraisers
  • Land planners
  • Industry consultants
  • Environmental consultants

Relocation Benefits

  • Claims under Uniform Relocation Assistance Act
  • Claims under state law
  • Moving expenses
  • Personal property claims
  • Business dislocation payments
  • Reestablishment payments


  • Administrative proceedings, trials and appeals
  • State and federal courts

Creative Settlements

  • Lump sum awards
  • Structured settlements
  • Non-monetary benefits

Related Proceedings

  • Environmental cost recovery actions
  • De facto condemnations
  • Actions under "private road laws"

Our Services for Governmental Agencies

In addition to working with property owners, our Team also regularly provides services to government agencies on eminent domain condemnor issues. Please click here for more information about our Governmental Agency Services.