Every workplace needs appropriate policies, procedures and auditing systems in order to function in the evolving world of employment law. While many policies and procedures are required by law, even those not state or federally mandated can serve as essential protection against legal claims. At an even more basic level, consistent policies are needed to assure equality of treatment across all employment levels. Treating employees consistently based on appropriately established policies is one of the most effective ways to prevent lawsuits and decrease employee turnover.

At Fox Rothschild, we understand the types of employment issues that arise in the workplace. We know that “one size does not fit all,” and we draft policies and procedures to best protect employers in myriad industries of all sizes and types. We have also learned from the litigation context how policies, procedures, audits and training (or the lack thereof) are viewed and what practices put employers in the best position to defend against claims.

Preventative audits to assess liability, alleviate concerns and update employment practices are an essential service we provide to help clients continually recalibrate in an ever-shifting legal landscape. Our teams work with our clients to comprehensively assess risk in the workplace with an eye toward avoiding future liability.

Whether through drafting an employee handbook, providing harassment training, reviewing a job application or salary matrix, designing a disciplinary or evaluation form, creating checklists for new hires or terminations, vetting a reduction-in-force or reorganization plan, reviewing payroll practices or drafting a policy for a particular workplace challenge, Fox Rothschild’s team uses its extensive experience and practical approach to meet the individual needs of an employer.