Everything You Need To Know About Copyright Reversions

April 2012Articles St. John's Law School Entertainment, Arts and Sports Journal

This article is intended for musicians, songwriters, record label owners, and music publishers (including their lawyers and accountants) who want to drill down on the specifics of how Copyright Reversion really works and what the future may hold for this complex and important area of law. While the history of copyright terms can be traced to England’s Statute of Anne in 1710, we will begin our analysis with much more recent history.

It is not a primer on the basics of Copyright Reversions because this type of information is already available on the Internet. Instead this article is intended to be a comprehensive survey of the who, what, when, how, and why of this complex subject. In homage to the title of my colleague Don Passman’s landmark publication, this article will hopefully provide Everything You Need To Know About Copyright Reversions.