Fox Rothschild attorneys provide strategic counsel on the full range of transactions, from mergers and acquisitions to licensing and distribution agreements.We advise on partnership issues and financing, private capital transactions, joint ventures, strategic alliances, and buying and selling businesses. In short, we help clients make better deals through all phases of the business, from development to production to distribution.

We’re industry insiders. Clients benefit from the real world experience of attorneys who have produced and financed films, structured artist agreements for major record companies, handled licensing deals for major sports franchises and worked as in-house counsel for Hollywood movie studios.

Whether helping to finance a major motion picture, market the naming rights for a new stadium or guiding the steps of a disruptive digital startup, Fox attorneys deliver the resources and experience of a law firm with a coast-to-coast network of offices and more than 60 practice areas. That’s comprehensive representation.

Fox attorneys counsel clients on:


  • Development agreements
  • Representation agreements
  • Shopping and attachment agreements
  • Collaboration agreements
  • Fundraising and securities law compliance
  • Above-the-line agreements
  • Talent agreements
  • Music service agreements
  • Artist management agreements
  • Copyright clearance (including fair use matters)
  • Script and format acquisition
  • Startup ventures
  • Hosting bids
  • Real estate, leasing, zoning and land use, construction, acquisition and financing for sports complexes and facilities
  • Intellectual property acquisition
  • Recording and music publishing agreements
  • Broadcast rights negotiations and agreements
  • Naming rights agreements
  • Contract negotiation for domestic and international athletics


  • Production legal services
  • Production financing agreements
  • Business formation, incorporation, partnerships
  • Comprehensive content creation, production, and distribution deals
  • Producer agreements
  • Co-production agreements
  • Products integration agreements
  • Film and television production counsel
  • Nondisclosure and non-compete agreements
  • Licensing, confidentiality and other business agreements
  • Executive employment agreements


  • Producers’ sales representation
  • Distribution agreements
  • Content licenses
  • Intellectual property protection, copyright
  • Brand awareness, cultivation, integration and promotion
  • Broadcast rights negotiations and agreements
  • Sponsorship agreements
  • Endorsement opportunities
  • Television syndication agreements
  • Corporate sponsorships and partnerships
  • Video production agreements
  • Merchandising and licensing agreements
  • Artist performance agreements
  • Sale or acquisition of entertainment-based assets
  • Acquisition of publishing catalogs and master recordings
  • Stock acquisitions, stock and asset sales