Child Entertainers

Fox attorneys are particularly fluent in the myriad legal, ethical and fiduciary issues surrounding child performers. The entertainment business is just that – a business. Those not accustomed to the hidden minefields and potential challenges and opportunities inherent in the industry can find themselves stranded in contracts and vulnerable to the interests of others.

For both minors and their families, we serve as a trusted guide, helping them navigate the complexities of the industry and skillfully resolving issues involving general child labor laws; SAG, state labor department and OSHA regulations; creation and maintenance of Coogan and other trust accounts; intellectual property and brand protection; and emancipations, among other matters.

Today’s evolving technologies also leave many child entertainers more susceptible to unwanted exposure, especially in cyberspace. We help clients find an appropriate balance between protecting a child’s private life, career, image and brand while simultaneously attaining the necessary public exposure to sustain and promote that career.

We assist in formulating business deals and strategies that will help advance careers and identities via multiple platforms. But we do so while remembering the innocence of youth and helping our clients to savor all the joys of childhood.