EPA Issues Vapor Intrusion Guidance to Enhance Assessment, Mitigation Efforts

April 17, 2013 – In The News
Bloomberg BNA

Christopher Roe was quoted in the Bloomberg BNA article, " EPA Issues Vapor Intrusion Guidance to Enhance Assessment, Mitigation Efforts." While the full text can be found in the April 17, issue of Bloomberg BNA, a synopsis is noted below.

The Environmental Protection Agency released for public comment April 16 a draft final version of its long-awaited vapor intrusion guidance to ensure that exposure assessment and mitigation actions are undertaken in a consistent manner.

EPA released two documents--broad vapor intrusion guidance from the Office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response and a second guidance document from the Office of Underground Storage Tanks on petroleum hydrocarbons such as gasoline, diesel, and jet fuel.

EPA said the OSWER document “describes a recommended framework for assessing vapor intrusion that relies upon collecting and evaluating multiple lines of evidence to support risk management decisions” and provides guidance about monitoring and terminating building mitigation systems.

The document on petroleum hydrocarbons was put together on a recommendation from the Office of Inspector General in 2009, EPA said.

The agency has previously said the final vapor intrusion guidance would be “significantly expanded” compared to the 2002 draft guidance and would include a “flexible framework for investigation that goes well beyond” existing draft guidance (54 DEN A-6, 3/20/13).

Roe had urged EPA to release the draft vapor intrusion guidance for public comment. He called the agency's decision to open a public comment period “the right thing to do.”

“We're glad they did it,” Roe told BNA. “It's a very good development. We can now confirm that it's a completely different document than 2002.”

Roe declined comment on specific differences in the guidance until he had the opportunity to review it more closely.