EPA Official Backs Increased Monitoring, Mitigation For Vapor Intrusion

September 14, 2012 – In The News
Inside E.P.A.

An EPA official recently announced that the agency is getting close to finalizing guidance for assessing vapor intrusion, which occurs when chemical vapor migrates into buildings from underground contamination.

EPA is also considering standards for short-term exposure to TCE, which some believe would require better sampling strategies as well as more education for occupants of commercial buildings, residents and regulators.

Panelist Christopher Roe, who advises clients on real estate deals and brownfield redevelopments noted that the current suggested levels to protect against cancer risk from TCE and other chemicals are below background levels commonly found in indoor air, which can come from household products. Roe added that the source of could be "vapor intrusion, or the source can be a source within the building itself.”