Hazardous Waste: EPA To Issue Guidance on Petroleum Vapor Intrusion With Broader Document This Year

September 6, 2012 – In The News
BNA Daily Environment Report

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will issue final guidance specifically addressing petroleum vapor intrusion by the end of 2012 in conjunction with the general vapor intrusion guidance.

Chris Roe, who has a large vapor intrusion practice, says the newly updated guidance from New Jersey, which treated petroleum contamination less strictly than other sources of contamination, might provide the model for final EPA petroleum guidance.

"It will be helpful to have final guidance from EPA," said Roe. "Regions are making individual decisions about what constitutes sufficient investigations of this pathway. This causes inconsistency and uncertainty."

While he thinks the new guidance will be helpful, he finds it unfortunate that EPA will not issue the guidance documents in draft for commentary before they are final.