State DEP Signs Off on Act 2 Cleanup Site in Perkasie

April 19, 2010 – In The News
Perkasie News Herald

After 11 years, the site of the former Stainless and Wispese properties in Perkasie has officially been declared “cleaned up.”

Joel Bolstein, an outside environmental solicitor for the Bucks County Development Authority, insists that the Perkasie project is one of the most successful of those he’s worked on over the years. Bolstein previously worked as a deputy secretary for the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection to put the Act 2 program in place, which is the set of state laws designed to encourage reuse of properties that need environmental cleanup.

“Now you’ve got a site – there’s probably 70 to 100 employees working there now,” Bolstein said. “Now when you drive by, you don’t think of an ugly, blighted, old property with a couple of dilapidated old building on it, you think of kind of the rebirth of Perkasie Borough. It’s a beautiful area and we also cleaned up a lot of contamination.

Bolstein said the cleanup process took more than 11 years to complete and likely cost about $1 million.

“A lot of thanks is owed to the borough council, the mayor and the bank – everybody – for hanging in there,” Bolstein said. “I appreciate the fact that the people in the community hung in there with us on this and allowed us to get to the end of the process. It took a long time, but a lot of things are driven by the science.”