Winners and Losers in Water Risk Management

March 2, 2010 – In The News
Risk and Insurance

Environmental activist investor group, Ceres, recently reported that some of the world's largest publicly traded companies are severely lacking in their water risk management. The report found a majority of firms failed to report material water risk and performance date in their financial findings, and all in the study did not reveal "comprehensive" water data on their supply chains.

And although some companies did come out of the study with good risk water management, most did not, which makes some question why.

For David Restaino, it's a matter of climate-change reporting being an "iterative" process. Investors, regulators and companies are all still trying to get their heads around the huge climate-related risks.

In the future, pressures to address water and other environmental risks will increase.

"Looking at the Ceres report and SEC guidance--these types of analyses are teeing up the issue," said Restaino.

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