Law Firm Fox Rothschild Launches NJ Specific App to Help Clients through Divorce Legalities

July 2, 2013 – In The News
New Jersey Tech Weekly

Eric Solotoff and Eliana Baer were featured in the New Jersey Tech Weekly article "Law Firm Fox Rothschild Launches NJ Specific App to Help Clients through Divorce Legalities." While the full text can be found in the July 2, 2013, issue of New Jersey Tech Weekly, a synopsis is noted below.

A free New Jersey specific divorce app has been launched by Fox Rothschild LLP. Eric Solotoff credited the idea for the app to associate attorney Eliana Baer, saying “It was really her brainchild.”

“There are other firms out there that have apps,” Solotoff said, but according to the co-chair of Fox’s family law practice, he wanted an app that conveyed information in a more professional manner and added value.

“We owed it to the people who are going to download the app to create a much better product,” Solotoff said.

“We wanted it [the app] to have a lot of information but not too much information, especially considering that people will be viewing it on an iPhone,” said Solotoff.

“Clients demand mobility in all aspects of their life, so this app is a continuation of our mission to provide clients with the best possible service in the format they most desire,” Solotoff said.

“As family lawyers, we know going through a divorce is one of the hardest challenges in life,” Solotoff said. “Our app aims to make it a bit easier – to allow users access to crucial meeting notes, information and resources at their fingertips to ease the process.”

The apps features include:

  • Searchable notes;
  • A finance tracker;
  • An asset identifier;
  • Information on various divorce-related topics; and
  • A resource center with helpful links