10th Advanced Forum on Wage & Hour Litigation

September 14, 2010
American Conference Institute
Sheraton Fisherman's Wharf HotelSan Francisco, CA

Settlement, ADR, Arbitration: Making the Call on Which to Do and How to Get the Best Results Once the Call Is Made

Making the Decision to Settle and Obtaining a Satisfactory Settlement

  • Critical elements to structuring a settlement: Common pitfalls that you should avoid
  • How to avoid common red flags that will lead judges to not approve a settlement
  • Settlement administration:tax ramifications and key administration considerations that can affect how settlement can/should be structured
  • Obtaining positive outcomes when using mediation in wage and hour cases
  • Making the call to go to trial rather than settle
  • Winning strategies used to calculating damages

Determining When ADR is the Best and Most Cost Effective Option

  • Determining if arbitration is the best option for your case
  • Pre-arbitration considerations
  • Practical tips for handling arbitrations
  • Constructing an arbitration clause: What language does and does not – help to achieve your goals
  • Common arbitration agreement red flags
  • Recent development regarding the use of arbitration agreements
  • Understanding the implications of the battle in California courts over the arbitration clause


Wayne E. Pinkstone

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