2018 Winter American Gas Association Legal Committee Meeting

December 13, 2018

Join David Tochen and his co-presenter, Leslie Thornton, former Senior Vice President, General Counsel & Corporate Secretary, WGL Holdings & Washington Gas, at the 2018 Winter American Gas Association Legal Committee Meeting as they present “Incident Response: The First 48 Hours.” In this presentation, they will address gas pipeline companies’ role and responsibilities in working with the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) in the immediate aftermath of a gas pipeline accident subject to an NTSB investigation. 

Topics to be addressed include:

  • In the immediate aftermath of an event and before the NTSB decides whether to investigate the event, what issues should the Company keep in mind?

  • Once the NTSB decides to launch a major investigation, what immediate steps should the Company take in interacting with the NTSB?

  • As a party to an NTSB investigation, can the Company recommend additional entities (e.g., third-party contractors, first responders) that the NTSB should include as party members?

  • Once the NTSB has initiated its investigation, are there any restrictions on the Company’s ability to respond to inquiries, requests, production demands from federal, state, or local legislators or regulators regarding the incident?

  • What role, if any, will the NTSB’s Transportation Disaster Assistance Division play in the immediate aftermath of an event which the NTSB is investigating?

  • What role should Company counsel or outside counsel play in dealing with the NTSB? Can counsel participate in the initial on-scene meeting (Organizational Meeting) conducted by the NTSB?

  • Are there any advantages for the Company if it declines to be a party to the NTSB investigation?