2020 Franchise Law Virtual Summit

August 12, 2020
IFA - International Franchise Association

August 12 - 13, 2020

Crisis Management in the Era of Fake News

In the era of instantaneous reporting and less than rigorous fact gathering, how does a franchise system safeguard its hard-earned goodwill and reputation? This session will examine the role of the lawyer in crisis management, including addressing bad press, protest sites, and customer outrage. The panelists will also:

(i) provide advice on (a) preparing for a crisis and weathering the storm once a crisis occurs, and (b) managing and responding to “fake news” that is leaked from the system, including attempts to leverage the press to a franchisee’s advantage in civil litigation and settlement negotiations; and (iii) discuss procedural and tactical advice on how to best use the court or private dispute resolution to safeguard and defend one’s hard-earned goodwill and reputation.