A Fresh Look at FLPs

August 23, 2012
Pennsylvania Bar Institute
PBI Conference CenterPhiladelphia, PA
Learn proper uses of FLPs in estate & business succession planning:
  • Gain an understanding of FLPs
  • Explore the basic principles and how to form an FLP to meet your criteria
  • Determine if FLPs are a good fit for your client’s situation
Avoid sticky taxation issues:
  • Understand how to make sure FLPs are excluded from federal estate tax
  • Examine common FLP taxation implications
  • Prepare to address taxation considerations in the areas of income tax, transfer tax, capital stock, estate and inheritance taxes.
Unearth valuable insights for using FLPs for Marcellus Shale gas lease planning:
  • Review what every attorney needs to know about gas lease planning
  • Find out how to guide your clients through this complex area of estate planning and wealth management
  • Identify strategies to preserve wealth for the present and future generations