Anticipating IRS Audits, Controversies and Litigation Under the Partnership Audit Rules

November 13, 2019 at 5:15pm6:55pm
NYU Institute on Federal Taxation
Fairmont San Francisco Hotel

950 Mason St, San Francisco

CA 94108

Now that entities taxed as partnerships and their tax advisors have had three years to understand and put into place procedures as well as revisions to outstanding partnership and LLC operating agreements to adapt to the new partnership audit rule regime, the focus now turns to how tax audits, appeals, settlements, litigation, and appeals of adverse judicial determinations will work in “real time.” The co-chairs address problems associated with elections-out, understatement modifications, push-outs and pull-ins, as well as how partners can protect themselves from the partnership representative’s unilateral authority to settle out all partnership issues. Continuing applicability of the TEFRA audit rules for tax years beginning on or before 2017 also are discussed.

* Please note there is a cost to attend.