Artist Label Deals, Back to the Future

June 8, 2014
New Music Seminar
Wyndham New Yorker Hotel

481 8th Avenue
New York, NY 10001

Monika A. Tashman moderated the panel discussion, “Artist Label Deals, Back to the Future” at the 2014 New Music Seminar. This panel addressed the evolution of the music industry and the future of artist label deals.

It is 2024. 65 percent of music industry revenues are subscription, 15 percent is ad-supported streaming, 8 percent is music sales (vinyl and downloads), 5 percent is experiences and special products, 5 percent is SoundExchange and 2 percent is sync. 50 percent of revenues are domestic and 50 percent are international. Albums are around 15 percent of all revenue. At this seminar, label heads, lawyers and managers discussed the “new and improved” artist deal.

2014 panel participants included: Monika Tashman (Fox Rothschild), Michael Reinert (Fox Rothschild), Rosie Lopez (Tommy Boy), Craig Averill (Serling Rooks), Tom Lipsky (Loud & Proud), Steven Ambers (GSO Group) Tim Mandelbaum (Fox Rothschild), Alan Friedman (Fox Rothschild) Clark Miller (Warner Chappell), Christine Lepera (Mitchell Silberberg & Knupp), Carla Miller (Head of East Coast Litigation, Universal).