Aviation Webinar: Social Media and the Aviation Industry: Moving at the Speed of Light

March 7, 2018

In this unique webinar, part of the Aviation Symposium Webinar Series, the national law firm’s aviation team will focus on the risks, reward, upsides and downsides of social media and how it is affecting the aviation industry.

Everyone, including every passenger, traveler and even every employee has become a reporter. Events are documented on social media in real time. Companies, more often than not, learn about events affecting them from social media before their own internal systems alert them. The simple fact is that the company is “behind the power curve” before they even know something has happened.

Whether it’s a disgruntled passenger, an accident, an active shooter, for that matter, or anything else affecting your operation, this webinar is a “must attend” program.

Included among other areas to be discussed are:

  • Why you need a social media strategy, including procedures to maximize its benefits
  • Minimizing the risks of a social media program
  • Marketing your social media presence

and more..

Presentation PDF
Presentation audio