Bridge Medical Summit 2012

November 10, 2012
American Chinese Medical Association
Westin Copley Place10 Huntington Avenue
Boston, Mass 02116

Jimmy Hao, Ph.D. will co-chair the “Medicine and Development Committee” at the Bridge Medical Summit 2012. The summit, organized by the American Chinese Medical Association and several other organizations and sponsored in part by Fox Rothschild LLP, will take place at the Westin Copley Place in Boston, Mass. November 10—11, 2012.

Bridge Medical Summit focuses on building a link between cutting-edge research and clinical practice, a bridge between medical/biomedical professionals in the US and those in China, and a bridge between brilliant ideas and viable businesses.

The two-day event serves as a platform for some of the most brilliant physicians and biomedical scientists in their respective fields to come together, share knowledge and ideas, make friends, establish collaborations, better each other and increase their collective contribution to society.

The “Medicine and Development Committee” co-chaired by Jimmy Hao, Ph.D., will discuss topics such as inflammation and immunity, infectious disease, regenerative medicine, neurology and more.


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