Building Your Civil Trial Skills

August 19, 2011
National Business Institute
Marriott Saddle Brook138 Pehle Ave
Saddle Brook, NJ

9:00 am-4:30 pm

Whether you're new to civil litigation or have practiced in this area in the past, having a firm foundation in the basics is essential to success. The seminar will teach you how to gain the advantage in different cases and develop strong fundamentals.

Christina Stoneburner will discuss how to select the right jury for your case through a step-by-step breakdown, which will include topics such as:

  • Preparing for Jury Selection
  • Uncovering Cultural and Prejudicial Biases
  • FAQs About Jury Instructions
  • Making a Connection With Potential Jurors
  • Uncovering Attitudes, Biases and Values That May Impact Your Case
  • The Art of Asking the Right Questions
  • Importance of Active Listening
  • Preemptory Challenges and Challenges for Cause
  • Using Jury Surveys and Questionnaires

This comprehensive, basic-to-intermediate level seminar is designed to assist civil litigators and paralegals in increasing their effectiveness in the civil arena.
After attending, you'll have enhanced methods for selecting the jury that will best support your side of the argument, give a strong, persuasive delivery with our solid case presentation techniques, know what your post-trial responsibilities are and how to carry them out in case of an appeal and develop a reputation for integrity by adhering to strict ethical standards.


Christina Stoneburner

CLE Credits

CLE 7.20 - NJ*
CLE 7.00 - NY*
CLE 6.00 - PA
National Association of Legal Assistants, Inc. – NALA: 6.00
National Federation of Paralegal Associations, Inc. – NFPA: 6.00

*denotes specialty credits


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