Cannabis Franchising: Opportunities and Legal Perils

October 2, 2019 at 8:00am9:30am
Fox Rothschild LLP
Fox Rothschild LLP

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Cannabis retail outlets will someday (perhaps sooner than you think) include mall kiosks, strip-mall storefronts and drive-throughs. While some cannabis entrepreneurs are counting on this to execute their business plans, other brands might inadvertently become regulated franchises by virtue of their corporate structures – unintentionally triggering a battery of state compliance procedures. Join Fox Rothschild for a breakfast program on the issues confronting cannabis companies growing their businesses through franchising.


  • Avoiding the “accidental or inadvertent franchise” trap when licensing your cannabis concept
  • Opportunities, challenges and risks in franchising a cannabis concept
  • Impact on trademark, real estate, banking and bankruptcy concerns
  • Franchising CBD or hemp concepts
  • Current competition and how certain cannabis brands overcame the hurdles to franchising
  • Understanding franchise regulations so you can create a marketable and sustainable cannabis franchise system