Catching Up With the Coronavirus: Legal Issues for Health Care Providers

May 12, 2020

1:30 pm EST

The coronavirus pandemic is significantly impacting health care companies and the industry as a whole. Join Margaret Davino and Elizabeth Litten for a broad overview of the pressing issues and changing legal landscape that confront health care providers as they treat COVID-19 patients.

Topics will include:

  • Federal waivers (Section 1135 waivers): National and state-specific waivers
  • Changes in federal employment laws
  • Hospital issues with changes to the Emergency Treatment and Active Labor Act
  • Hospital scarce resource allocation and DNAR policies
  • Telehealth issues, including HIPAA and state licensure issues
  • Federal and state immunity
  • Asking patients about symptoms before treatment and patient notices
  • Stark law waivers: How these affect relationships between doctors and hospitals
  • Balancing a health care provider’s role as a provider versus an employer
  • Loss of revenue from COVID changes, federal monies, attestations and more
  • Changes affecting clinical trials
  • COVID-19 testing and other FDA flexibility
  • Return to work issues, including screening apps and questionnaires