Charities, Ponzi Schemes and IRS Forms 990: What Should a Lawyer Know?

September 6, 2012
Fox Rothschild LLP
Princeton Office997 Lenox Drive
Princeton, NJ

Noon to 1 p.m. ET

Since the arrest of Bernard L. Madoff in mid-December 2008, the media has been covering the tribulations and embarrassment of numerous charitable organizations that were involved with him and other Ponzi schemers. The taint has profoundly affected the operations and reputations of such charities whether they were profiteers or victims. What makes the events and aftermath of the Madoff scheme even more interesting is that they occurred despite the IRS Form 990's requirements for heightened transparency by charities.

Using the Madoff scandal and the Form 990 as a backdrop, this course provided lawyers with the information they need to enhance their advice and decision-making in respect to charities, whether they serve as legal counsel, board members or donors.


Michael J. Kline, Esq.