China Introduces Reforms To Open Its Markets to Foreign Companies

May 26, 2015 at 8:00am10:00am
The Connecticut China Council
Connecticut Business & Industry Association

350 Church Street

Hartford, CT

Is it true China is making it easier to do business there?

What is the Shanghai Free Trade Zone?

Is it true China is evening the playing field?

During the past year, China has introduced several major market entry reforms designed to promote foreign investment for foreign companies to access the Chinese market. Emanating from China’s Twelfth Five Year Plan and under the auspices of its new leadership, China is moving in a direction of evening the playing field for foreign companies competing against Chinese domestic companies. These market entry reforms are also designed to bring foreign experience to those industries and sectors in China needing development. Part of these reforms includes an emphasis on growing China’s service sector through foreign investment, presenting new opportunities for the U.S. service industry. However, China is balancing these reforms against its desire to promote its own domestic companies.

Paul Edelberg will discuss these new opportunities for U.S. companies within the framework of a protectionist China. He will discuss these market reforms, including the revolutionary China(Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone, the amendments to the various laws governing foreign enterprises in China, the loosening of restrictions on industry access in China by foreign companies, and financial and currency reform.

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