CPE Classes for CPAs: Ensuring Domicile of Choice

November 8, 2012
Fox Rothschild LLP and Primepoint
Primepoint Office2 Springside Road
Mount Holly, NJ 08060

8 a.m. to Noon

The attorneys of Fox Rothschild LLP, in partnership with Primepoint, will present three classes for CPE credit on topics in taxation and wealth planning, including:

Year-End Planning

Jerome Deener will offer creative ideas on how to utilize the last opportunity of $5 million gift and estate tax exemptions while allowing clients to retain use of assets. The discussion will cover using the exemption to plan for clients who are not expected to endure normal life expectancy; year-end charitable gift giving while retaining assets for a family's ultimate benefit; and obtaining significant current income tax savings.

Ensuring Domicile of Choice

Where you choose to reside can have a significant impact on your retirement, as well the amount of taxes you pay during your lifetime and upon death. Because state laws defining domicile and residence can vary considerably from state to state, it is important for anyone considering a move or with homes in multiple locations to know the laws governing determination of domicile. Wendy Wolff Herbert will cover the comparative tax burdens of various locales as well as state laws.

Business Succession Planning

Just as wills and trusts help families transition assets and estates after an individual's life, written plans are essential for any business to have a smooth transition of ownership, leadership and management. Whether transition stems from the unexpected death of a leader/owner or a shift to the next generation, plans should be in writing and discussed. Doug Zeltt discusses the importance and the ins and outs of business succession planning.


Jerome A. Deener , Esq.
Wendy Wolff Herbert , Esq.
Douglas J. Zeltt , Esq.


Ian D. Meklinsky , Esq.