Cultivating Compliance: Workplace Strategies for the Cannabis Industry

April 20, 2021
Fox Rothschild LLP

9 am PT  |  Noon ET

Marijuana businesses have the same legal obligations to their employees as other companies, but the ever-changing legal landscape can create added confusion when navigating employee-related issues.

Join Cannabis Law Practice Co-Chairs Bill Bogot and Josh Horn for a Q&A discussion with a panel of Fox Rothschild labor and employment attorneys covering a full range of cannabis industry workplace issues.

Topics will include:

  • Labor peace agreements in the cannabis space
  • LPAs to CBAs
  • What to expect from a Biden National Labor Relations Board, including potential new union organizing rules, NLRA-compliant handbooks and work rules, and standards for CBA interpretation
  • Trends in cannabis industry collective bargaining negotiations
  • How cannabis employers can best position themselves to navigate labor relationships under the Biden administration
  • COVID-19’s long-lasting implications on labor-management relationships
  • Key issues for labor practitioners
  • Navigating compliance with conflicting federal and state laws employment laws
  • Hiring the right talent
  • Protecting confidential and trade secret information

Lori Armstrong Halber
Kirsten White
Marv Weinberg