Current Issues Facing Israeli Entrepreneurs

May 5, 2020
Fox Rothschild LLP

11 am ET  |  6 pm IDT

Join us for a wide-reaching discussion on challenges encountered by Israeli entrepreneurs and businesspersons residing in Israel or living abroad. Our panel will review issues relating to insurance, taxes, U.S. government assistance, science and technology, cybersecurity, executive compensation, labor and employment and the Paycheck Protection Program.


Sarah Biser, Fox Rothschild LLP
Prof. Alexander Bligh, Ph.D., Chief Scientist, Ministry of Science and Technology-Israel
Netta Bromberg, Barnea, Jaffa, Lande & Co.
Lieutenant Colonel (Ret.) Guy Chernobrov, Resilience Cyber Security
Mark Hess, Fox Rothschild LLP
C.J. Mooney, The Graham Company
Gidon Broide, Broide & Co.