Cybersecurity in a Post-Corona World: Startup Opportunities & Challenges

November 5, 2020
Axis Innovation

Actionable insights on:

Developing an Effective Cybertech Patent Strategies - with leading Intellectual Property Attorney James Singer of Fox Rothschild.

Cyber During Covid-19 - Going global by cooperating with leading international cyber leader Kaspersky - Vitaly Mzokov, Head of Kaspersky iHub.

Effective Fund Raising for your startup -with leading UK Venture Capitalist, Endre Sagi of Skylake Capital.

COVID-19 has created an accelerated need for cyber security solutions. Fraud, malware, Ddos, and other cyber attacks have increased over 400% highlighting the critical need for cyber solutions in every industry and in every geography In this webinar, leading cyber security experts from across the ecosystem will share their unique insights and analysis valuable for startups going global, CISO’s and others as we enter a new age of cyber security.

Following the presentations, there will be open Question and Answer session.