Delaware’s Corporation and Alternative Entity Laws: 2010 Amendments You Must Know About

September 15, 2010
The Practicing Law Institute (PLI)

1 p.m - 2 p.m.

The Delaware General Corporation Law and Delaware’s alternative entity statutes are amended periodically to keep them current and maintain their preeminence. This year is no exception. Numerous amendments have been enacted in 2010. The amendments are relevant to lawyers with transactional and litigation practices alike. The 2010 statutory revisions touch on topics as varied as non-stock corporations, indemnification of directors and officers, mergers (including “short form” mergers), amendments, filings with the Delaware Secretary of State, the form of the governing instrument of a limited liability company or partnership, powers of attorney and choice of law.

Topics to be covered include the 2010 amendments to:

  • The Delaware General Corporation Law
  • The Delaware Limited Liability Company Act
  • The Delaware Revised Uniform Limited Partnership Act
  • The Delaware Revised Uniform Partnership Act
  • The Delaware Statutory Trust Act


Matthew J. O’Toole, Stevens & Lee P.C.
Francis G.X. Pileggi
Robert L. Symonds,
Jr., Stevens & Lee P.C.