Dining Out: Legal Issues for Restaurants and Their Customers

April 21, 2011
Pennsylvania Bar Institute
The CLE Conference CenterWanamaker Bldg.
10th Floor, Ste. 1010
Philadelphia, PA

9 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

If you’ve ever eaten out – and who hasn’t – this is a seminar you won’t want to miss! Americans find themselves eating out more now than ever. The traditional “family” dinner is but a distant memory. If you missed this program in 2010, join us for an extended and more in-depth look at these issues.

Our faculty will answer these questions:

  • Who is responsible for monitoring/inspecting restaurants and what are the standards that apply?
  • To whom do you report issues of food safety/hygiene/cleanliness, etc?
  • What types of licenses are required to operate a restaurant in Pennsylvania? Are there different rules in Philadelphia?
  • What liability does a restaurant have for liquor service? What about a BYOB restaurant?
  • How do you dispute a restaurant bill if you found the food unappetizing, the service poor and don’t want to pay an 18% gratuity, or you didn’t receive what you ordered?
  • What is the liability of a restaurant for food poisoning and what sort of “proof” problems are faced in bringing such litigation?
  • Can restaurant employees be liable for abusive language, intentional torts, etc?
  • What type of insurance coverages do/do not apply?
  • What is a restaurant’s obligation to honor coupons, discounts, etc?
  • How do you investigate a restaurant’s record of food safety/L&I violations?
  • When can a restaurant refuse to serve a customer?
  • What kind of liability can a restaurant have for discrimination?
  • What obligations do restaurants have to disclose food ingredients, calories, fat content, and other dietary information?
  • What are the critical business and legal decisions facing someone who wants to open a restaurant?
  • What does the PLCB’s evolving role mean for restaurant customers?
  • What are your rights as a patron and what are the establishment’s rights?


Mark Silow

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