Entangled U.S. Antitrust and Pharmaceutical Patent Laws and Their Impact on the U.S. Generic Drug Industry

October 27, 2010
Beijing Pharma and Biotech Center (BPBC)
Beijing International HotelBeijing, China

The Beijing International Health Care Industry Forum has become a platform that promotes concept changes in Chinese biopharmaceutical industry; a bridge that facilitates multinational companies to expand in China; and a stage that brings in international talents to serve Chinese biopharmaceutical industry.

In order to develop the biopharmaceutical industry in Beijing and the whole of China in a better and quicker way, and to help more domestic and overseas companies find new opportunities, the forum will be held under the theme of “leap-forward development, building Beijing as a global innovative city.”

Jerry Liu presented the program, “Entangled U.S. Antitrust And Pharmaceutical Patent Laws And Their Impact On The U.S. Generic Drug Industry” and co-chaired the session, “Global Trends and Opportunities for Generic Drugs.”