Ethical Issues in Real Estate-Based Bankruptcies 2020: Insiders Lease Agreements

February 18, 2020
Financial Poise

It is a common play in real estate to create a separate operating entity to serve as a tenant and execute a lease between the owner of the property and himself. Typically, this happens in assets which serve  as a real estate-based business, such as a retail property. The structured enables the operator to reduce the taxable income of the business and also provide a liability shield for the property owner.

This arrangement can lead to some ethical issues should the property owner become distressed. For example, is the lease amount above market and therefore being used to inflate the property valuation? Is rent actually being paid? Is there a proper lease in place or just an internal handshake? Attorneys need to understand the set-up in order to know what is in bounds and what is outside the lines.

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