Everything You Need to Know About Certifying your UAS!

October 4, 2017

With Part 107 firmly behind us, attention is now focused on the complexity of UAS operations. In our last webinar, we saw how much we can do with a waiver, but commercial exploitation of advanced capabilities, such as, fully autonomous beyond visual line of sight flight and on-demand package delivery remain tantalizingly out of reach. While the FAA continues progression on creating the rules necessary to support these operations, one thing is clear…the end game will involve a certified aircraft. 

We will explore what involving a certified aircraft means and what businesses can, and should, be doing right now to the get the process started. 

We will be exploring topics such as:

  • What is a certified aircraft?
  • What is a production certificate, and will I need one?
  • How many different certifications are available, and are there limitations?
  • How does the certification process work?
  • What is the importance for the Partnership for Safety program?
  • How long is the certification process, and what data do I need?
  • What standards must be met for certification?

Join Mark Dombroff and Mark McKinnon, along with Jim Williams, principal of JHW Unmanned Solutions and former head of the FAA UAS Integration Office, for this free-of-cost webinar and learn how to use aircraft certification to your advantage. 

View the webinar slides here