G&Ts’, Co-Ops’ and Munis’ Renewable Energy Strategies and Plans

November 18, 2020
Southeast Renewable Energy

1:30 - 2:15 pm ET

G&Ts, co-ops and munis have a large footprint across the Southeast. As renewables become increasingly cost competitive, these organizations are pursuing strategies and developing programs to add more renewables and provide residents and local companies with clean energy. During this session, representatives from G&Ts, co-ops and munis will discuss how their renewable strategies will drive renewable procurement going forward.

  • How are renewable cost competitiveness and customer demands shaping G&Ts, co-ops and munis thinking about renewables?
  • How do their unique needs drive their thinking about deploying renewables?
  • What programs and approaches are they considering to add more renewables?
  • What is their renewable procurement timeline? • Are they considering engaging in a joint procurement?
  • What type of procurement structures are they looking to adopt?


  • Karen Kemerait, Partner, FOX ROTHSCHILD LLP


  • Jim Bausell, Executive Vice President, Business Development, SILICON RANCH
  • Mark Cayce, General Manager, OUACHITA ELECTRIC COOPERATIVE
  • Jeff Pratt, President, GREEN POWER EMC
  • Susan Schumann, Public Relations and External Affairs Manager, FLORIDA MUNICIPAL POWER AGENCY