Immigration and Hospitality: Where are the Land Mines Employers?

April 28, 2020 at 11:00am12:00pm
Alka Bahal
14th Annual National HR in Hospitality Conference – The Hotel School, Cornell University
Loews Miami Beach Hotel

1601 Collins Avenue

Miami Beach, FL 33139

We all know that immigration policy is one of the United States’ hottest button issues.  Hospitality employers and unions know that the immigration uncertainty has huge effects on employees with respect to hiring, retaining, and morale.  Employers have huge obligations to comply with a confusingly drafted and enforced sets of laws.  In the session, experts discuss the most relevant immigration issues in context of the law, the media, and the fact that are more than 1 million hospitality jobs to be filled.

Session takeaways

  • Recognize the complexities associated with the immigration conundrum
  • Hear ideas for a thoughtful, measured approach to managing this challenge
  • Implement practical tactics for complying with the existing law