Impact of NLRA on Nonunion Employers

March 25, 2019 at 1:00pm2:30pm
Lorman Webinars

Employees have the right under the National Labor Relations Act to form together for their mutual aid and protection and to engage in concerted activity to better their working conditions or protest those conditions. Although these actions usually occur in a union setting, nonunion employees also enjoy these protections and rights. Additionally, although nonunion employers are not bound to or confined by a collective bargaining agreement, the implementation of certain employer policies may unintentionally (or otherwise) impact adversely upon the exercise of these federally protected rights. This topic will educate nonunion employers as to their obligations to their employees, what they can and cannot prohibit, how to be aware of when union organizers are making an effort to bring a union in and how to deal with that contingency. The information will cover the new requirement to post employee rights under the NLRA, and highlight labor-management relations issues that are not solely for the employer who already has a union in the house.

*There is a cost to attend this webinar.