It Could Happen to You: Adding Value by Limiting Risks of Employee Lawsuits Before Being Bought by Big Tech

November 8, 2017 at 8:30am9:30am
Fox Rothschild LLP and Welch Consulting
Fox Rothschild LLP

345 California St.

Suite 2200

San Francisco, CA 94104

Do you want to make your startup more attractive to prospective buyers and investors? Start with your employee handbook and the Equal Pay Act. The due diligence process in most corporate transactions includes turning over handbooks and disclosing potential litigation to prospective buyers and investors.

Co-sponsored by Fox Rothschild LLP and Welch Consulting, this program will examine:

  • Equal Pay Act in Action: Current topics in perceived gender pay inequality
  • First Line of Defense and Valuable Asset: Employee handbooks and policies
  • Proper Data Collection and Analysis: Adding value during the M&A process
  • Statistical Analysis: Avoiding future litigation

No one thinks they have employment issues. Please join us for a unique, interesting and educational program to find out if your company does.