It’s a Trap! Best Practices for Preventing, Prosecuting and Defending Spoliation Claims

February 4, 2021 at 12:00pm
Fox Rothschild LLP

While nothing ever seems to truly disappear in today’s high-tech world, deletion of electronic records or destruction of paper records is possible and when done in the context of a dispute, can lead to claims of spoliation of evidence and devastating sanctions.

Join Emily Bridges for a presentation on how to prevent spoliation – both offensively and defensively. The program will also cover the repercussions of spoliation claims, best practices for litigation holds to prevent spoliation, how courts are addressing such claims under the revised procedural rules and how to best deal with the consequences of spoliation, whether or not it was intentional. Additionally, it will address possible areas of concern created by changes in work patterns as a result of COVID-19.